Case Study: Who Has the Data?

To introduce the topic, Teacher A used the material and created a personal approach. We had just finished a unit on physical oceanography and were starting a unit on biological oceanography.

"I developed my organizational approach for my students using NOAA's National Ocean Service Corals Tutorial. This was a great way to engage my students in the coral reef habitat by having students complete an online overview of the reef, its inhabitants, problems, and potential solutions. I divided the students into groups of four. The students conducted research using computers in class, then we held a brainstorm session for potential problems corals face. Next they researched four of the problems that they were interested in pursuing and created a public awareness campaign to teach others. The student groups then presented their campaigns."

Teacher A liked the real world application of this activity and felt the resources were great. The activity allowed students to engaged the whole time. "I was amazed at the creativity of the students in their public awareness campaigns."

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