Natural Threats and Changes: Links for Students

NOAA's National Ocean Service Corals Tutorial: Coral Diseases

This Web article explains the response of corals to various biological stresses such as bacteria, fungi, and viruses as well as non-biological stresses.

Features: Graphics/Multimedia

NOAA's National Ocean Service Corals Tutorial: Natural Threats to Coral Reefs

Discover the natural threats to coral reefs.

Features: Graphics/Multimedia

NOAA's Coral Reef Information System (CoRIS): Hazards to Coral Reefs

This Web page offers a comprehensive overview of human and natural hazards to corals.

Features: Graphics/Multimedia, Data Sources, Misconceptions

NOAA CoRIS: Major Reef-Building Coral Diseases

With pictures, text, and references, this Web page discusses the most prevalent coral diseases: black-band disease, coral bleaching, dark-spots disease, red-band disease, white-band disease, white-plague disease, white pox and yellow-blotch disease.

Features: Graphics/Multimedia, Data Sources, Misconceptions

Reef Base: Threats - Bleaching

This is an all-inclusive Web site on coral bleaching. Links provide observations, photos, graphs, maps, and literature on coral reefs, their status, threats, and coral management.

Features: Graphics/Multimedia, Data Sources

Reef Base: Threats - Natural

Natural threats to coral reef around the world are referenced in this comprehensive database of information. Complete documents are linked at the end of each summary.

Features: Data Sources

Coral Bleaching: Causes, Consequences, and Response

This document “Coral Bleaching: Assessing and Linking Ecological and Socioeconomic Impacts, Future Trends, and Mitigation Planning,” is a compilation of papers presented at the 9th International Coral Reef Symposium.

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