Types of Coral: Links for Teachers

NOAA's National Ocean Service Corals Tutorial

NOAA's National Ocean Service supports in research and efforts to conserve coral ecosystems. On this Web site, you will find an online tutorial with animations, video, and a “roadmap” of NOAA corals Web Sites.

Features: Graphics/Multimedia, Data Sources

Stopping the Demise of the World's Coral Reefs Lesson Plan:

This lesson plan show how interdependent ecosystems can be destroyed when one habitat experiences distress or harm.

Features: Lesson Ideas, Online Interactivity, Graphics/Multimedia, Assessment, Inquiry Materials 

Operation Reef Rescue: A Coral Reef Webquest

This webquest provides background information on corals, the importance of reefs, threats to reefs, and efforts to protect reefs worldwide.

Features: Lesson Ideas, Assessment,

Secrets of the Ocean Realm

On this Web page, conduct discussions with your students on current threats to coral reefs worldwide.

Features: Lesson Ideas, Assessment

Models that Describe Island Coral Reefs

This activity from the U.S. Geological Survey and U.S. Department of the Interior enables students to visualize the growth of coral on an island and to learn some of the terminology used by earth scientists to describe coral reefs.

Features: Hands-on Investigation, Lesson Ideas

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