Types of Coral: Links for Students

NOAA's Coral Reef Information System (CoRIS): Deep-Water Corals

Corals also grow in the deep, cold sea. There are nearly as many deep–water coral species as there are shallow-water coral species. Human activities constitute the most serious threat to these fragile corals.

Features: Misconceptions

NOAA's CoRIS: Coral Reef Biology

This page contains information on how corals reproduce, feed, and compete for scarce resources. There is also included a section on how natural disturbances affect corals.

Features: Graphics/Multimedia

Coral Reefs: Types of Coral

This is a graphically rich, brief overview of corals, the reefs they form, and their ecosystems.

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Ocean World: Online Interactive Quiz

This page provides a quick, nine-question quiz to assess basic knowledge of corals.

Features: Online Interactivity, Assessment

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