Distribution of Corals: Links for Students

NOAA's National Ocean Service Corals Tutorial: Where Are Reef-Building Corals Found?

Discover where reef-building corals exist and why.

Features: Graphics/Multimedia

NOAA's Coral Health and Monitoring Program: Reef Maps - Corals of the World

Click on maps (provided in both standard and high resolution) to view the worldwide distribution of corals.

Features: Graphics/Multimedia

The Coral Reef Alliance: Photobank Gallery

The Coral Reef Alliance Photobank educates the public about coral reefs and their amazing inhabitants. It also raises awareness of the need for coral reef conservation. You can download images from the Photobank.

Features: Graphics/Multimedia

Palmyra Atoll: Rainforest of the Sea

Located near the center of the Pacific Ocean - 1000 miles south of Hawaii and 400 miles north of the equator - Palmyra atoll rests in the intertropical convergence zone. Read an account of a scientist's expedition and the distribution of corals there.

Features: Graphics/Multimedia, Career Info

The Structure and Distribution of Coral Reefs

Scroll through the detailed writings and drawings of Charles Darwin as he describes the structure and distribution of corals.

Features: Graphics/Multimedia, History

Corals and Coral Reefs: Habitat and Distribution

Learn about coral habitat and distribution on this web page from SeaWorld and Busch Gardens. http://www.seaworld.org/infobooks/Coral/habdiscr.html

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