Handbook Outlines More Than 85 Federal Funding Opportunities

Wide-ranging opportunities are available for businesses, nonprofits, local/state governments, and colleges/universities.

Looking for federal funding opportunities? Here is a handy reference to funding programs ranging from coastal wetlands and wildlife and resilience to economic development. The U.S. Committee on the Marine Transportation System, in conjunction with the White House Build America Initiative, has developed the Federal Funding Handbook for Marine Transportation System Infrastructure.

The handbook is a compilation of the more than 85 federal programs that provide grants, loans, loan guarantees, or direct funding for infrastructure investments related to the marine transportation system and intermodal (varied) connections. Basic eligibility requirements are noted in the handbook, which features opportunities for businesses, non-governmental organizations, local and state governments, and colleges and universities.

The programs are sponsored by 11 federal agencies, including the Departments of Transportation, Agriculture, Commerce, Energy, Homeland Security, Defense, Interior, and Labor, as well as the National Science Foundation and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. For each program, the handbook provides a summary of the purpose, program specifics, and criteria for implementation, and also points of contact for additional information.

W. Russell Callender, Ph.D. 
Acting Assistant Administrator for Ocean Services and Coastal
Zone Management, National Ocean Service