Holly Bamford Appointed as Coordinating Board Chair of the U.S. Committee on the Maritime Transportation System

NOAA role ensures protection of the environment while promoting economic growth.

Effective July 1, 2015, Dr. Holly Bamford is Chair of the Coordinating Board of the U.S. Committee on the Marine Transportation System (CMTS). NOAA's role within the CMTS is to help ensure the safety and efficiency of maritime commerce while protecting the environment and promoting economic growth.  

The maritime transportation system (MTS) is a critical component of the nation's supply chain and a vital lifeline for the U.S. economy, supporting millions of American jobs. Today, the MTS faces challenges that include a changing climate, increased port congestion, and infrastructure needs, accompanied by a higher demand for safe and efficient movement of people and goods. At the same time, rapidly changing conditions in the Arctic present new opportunities and potential environmental threats as marine transportation continues to increase in this region. The CMTS is a critical link to ensure that federal agencies responsible for marine transportation policies are coordinated and responsive to emerging needs. You can learn more about the U.S. CMTS and NOAA's role within this interagency partnership online.

Holly Bamford is Assistant Administrator for the National Ocean Service, performing the duties of the Assistant Secretary for Conservation and Management. Learn more about her role on the CMTS (click on "Coordinating Board Chair"). 

W. Russell Callender, Ph.D. 
Acting Assistant Administrator for Ocean Services and Coastal
Zone Management, National Ocean Service