There's a lot going on at NOAA's National Ocean Service. Here are our latest stories.

microalgae traps

A Window (Screen) on the World of Toxic Algae

Using little more than a common window screen, scientists at NOAA have developed a simple, low-cost tool to monitor harmful bottom-dwelling algae...

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2014 hypoxic zone

NOAA Forecasts Support Response to Lake Erie Harmful Algal Bloom

NOAA scientists continue to issue timely forecasts to aid in the response to a bloom of cyanobacteria that contaminated drinking water in Lake Erie...

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2014 hypoxic zone

Scientists Find Average But Large Gulf Dead Zone

Scientists have mapped the 2014 Gulf of Mexico dead zone, an area with low oxygen water, to be 5,052 square miles or approximately the size of Connecticut...

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South Slough

South Slough Turns 40: Nation's First Estuarine Reserve

This summer South Slough, Oregon celebrates its 40th anniversary as a National Estuarine Research Reserve (NERR), the 1st in the nation...

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