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NOAA New England Red Tide Information Center

Reporting Incidents

Reporting Marine Mammal Strandings, Deaths

In addition to the adverse affects on humans by HABs, marine mammals can also become ill or die by consuming poisoned fish and shellfish. To report a stranded marine mammal or floating dead whale, please call the Northeast Regional Stranding Pager at 978-585-7149. Please leave a message or put in a call back number. If you are at sea and have no phone coverage, report entangled, injured or dead floating whales to the U.S. Coast Guard and they will relay the information to NOAA.

The NOAA Fisheries Service National Marine Mammal Health and Stranding Response Network is on alert for stranded animals that might be affected by the red tide event. Network responders will sample any freshly dead stranded animals obtained from Maine to Massachusetts for biotoxins. Samples include feces, stomach contents, blood and urine. Samples will be analyzed at NOAA's National Ocean Service Marine Biotoxins Program in Charleston, South Carolina.


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