From podcasts to beautiful photos to engaging videos, explore our offerings and learn something new about our ocean and coastal areas.


We offer two podcasts. Diving Deeper connects you with ocean experts to explores questions about the ocean environment. Making Waves serves up audio and video episodes on topics ranging from corals to coastal science.


Our photo gallery is a must-see. We're continually adding to our collection, which features a variety of images about ocean life, coastal and marine places, navigation and commerce, ocean observing, and protecting our marine environment. We also host our images on Flickr.


What does our ocean provide to humans? What is coastal resilience? How does an oil spill affect marine life? What is storm surge? Our infographics present visual representations of information and data to make complicated subject matters quickly understandable.


How about a video? Our ocean- and coast-related videos are fun to watch and are educational. We showcase videos from NOAA's Ocean Today, our Making Waves podcast series, and from many other National Ocean Service programs. We also have copies of our videos on YouTube.


Did you know that we host a blog about how we develop scientific solutions to address marine pollution? That's just one of several blogs we offer, with frequent posts ranging from nautical chart news to the latest coastal science?

Mobile Apps

Want your ocean info on the go? We've rounded up all of the ocean- and coast-related mobile websites and free applications produced by or in partnership with NOAA—all on one page! Go mobile with NOS.