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For Young Scientists

Interactive Games | Film | Exercises: Grade 3 and Up | Exercises: Grade 6 and Up

Students, Teachers and Parents are invited to be part of this exciting expedition in Kachemak Bay!  The activities below provide young scientists with a kaleidoscope of activities and adventures. Additional educational resources are available on the National Ocean Service Education Page.


Icon of a boat

Interactive Games (All Ages):

Screenshot of the film The Surveyors


Safety Seagull


Grades 3 and Up:

  • Boat Building Challenge (pdf, 1.82Mb)
    Design a boat hull that can float a specified weight. Then, design a way to propel your vessel using wind power.

  • Tied Up In Knots (pdf, 3.03Mb)
    Learn to tie some basic knots that have been used by sailors for centuries and are useful in everyday life.

  • Who’s Blue Peter? (pdf, 1.10Mb)
    Make a set of nautical signal flags, and use them to send messages.

  • Please Pass the Salt (pdf, 1.65Mb)
    Experiment to find some of the ways that salt changes the physical properties of water.

  • It All Runs Downhill (pdf, 1.29Mb)
    Make a model of a watershed, and show how rainfall carries pollution into the ocean and other water bodies.

  • Arctic & Antarctic Activity Book (pdf, 2.24Mb)
    Learn fun facts about the North and South Poles and solve over 20 puzzles!


Grades 6 and Up:

  • The Water Writers (pdf, 1.02Mb)
    Make a sounding box and discover the profile of a model seafloor.

  • Nautical Chart Challenge (pdf, 8.78Mb)
    Discover how a nautical chart can help sailors navigate safely in unfamiliar waters.

  • Build an Underwater Robot (pdf, 1.51Mb)
    Make a simple underwater remotely operated vehicle.

  • Build your own Weather Station (pdf, 1.56Mb)
    Build six instruments that you can use to make scientific measurements of your local weather.

  • Be a Citizen Weather Reporter (pdf, 682Kb)
    Set up a weather journal and record measurements from the instruments in your weather station.

  • Survey Mark Hunting (pdf, 1.91Mb)
    Get information on the location and description of survey marks in your geographic area, and find out how to share your survey marking discoveries with the rest of the world!




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