Coastal & Marine Habitats

Plants, animals, and fish rely on healthy, well-functioning habitats to thrive—and so do humans! That's why NOS works to protect, preserve, and better understand habitats along our coasts, in our ocean, and around our Great Lakes. Coastal and marine habitats provide us with critical services such as shoreline protection, pollutant reduction, climate regulation, and nutrient recycling. Coastal and marine habitat health is also closely tied to our economy—these areas support over 28 million jobs and generate 85 percent of all U.S. tourism revenues. They provide us with resources that we rely on every day, ranging from food to medicines. And they are what make the coast a place we want to enjoy for generations to come, whether on a beach, in a boat, or underwater. Explore some of the ways that NOS is helping to protect coastal and marine habitats:

Coastal Habitat Protection:

Recovery and Restoration:

Understanding Coastal Habitats and Ecosystems: