What is Digital Coast?

NOAA's Digital Coast provides the data, tools, and training that communities use to manage their coastal resources.

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Geospatial data alone is not enough. For data to be truly useful, additional training, tools, and information are often required. The Digital Coast provides this complete package in one place for coastal officials.

The Digital Coast is a cost-effective resource for coastal communities. Through the Digital Coast, users can find the information they need to explore the implications of sea level rise, conduct risk and vulnerability assessments, develop community green infrastructure plans, and much more. The site also provides valuable case studies to highlight how data and tools available from the Digital Coast have been used to address coastal management issues.

The Digital Coast's success is driven in large part by content contributions from many trusted sources, including federal, state, and local government agencies, non-profit organizations, and the private sector. A strong partnership group also helps to validate the information provided through the Digital Coast, ensuring that it is helpful and relevant to coastal managers. These partner organizations have found that the Digital Coast provides a way to work together on initiatives that not only benefit their organizations, but can also have a big impact on efforts to protect coastal resources and communities.

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