Mearns Rock in 2002

Mearns Rock 2002   2002 Enlarged Quadrat

What You See

In 2002, the boulder is dominated by barnacles, creating a 50% cover. A few large, old Fucus plants on the upper section of the rock make up a 10%-15% cover. None of the green algae that was present along the mid section of the rock in 2001 is present this year. A small amount of green "sea lettuce" (Ulva) (much less than in 2001) is visible in the lower left section of the boulder. In 1993/94, when the rock last appeared quite bare, many mussels covered the boulder; however, none are present now. Overall, the boulder location is a somewhat desolate landscape this year, with more bare rocks exposed than in previous years.
2002 Enlarged Quadrat

Only a few mature Fucus plants remain in 2002. More barnacles (white bumps) are visible, but no mussels are present.

What's Happening

The die off we anticipated in 2001 is now occurring in 2002. Like in 1994/95, there is an absence of juvenile Fucus plants, but unlike 1994/95, the mussels are not returning. Perhaps they will in 2003?