Mearns Rock in 2000

Mearns Rock 2000   2000 Enlarged Quadrat

What You See

Mature Fucus now covers about 10% of the boulder's surface. In addition, there is a heavy cover of a grayish, slimy seaweed (this could be any of three or four seaweed species that can look like this). As in other years, these plants may be hiding barnacles, mussels, or young Fucus plants from our view. The white areas on the beach face look to be large barnacle sets. Eelgrass is barely visible in the water.
2000 Enlarged Quadrat

Mature Fucus and a large filamentous algae are the only marine life forms visible. The mussels seem to have disappeared.

What's Happening

As in the 1993 photo, the mature Fucus plants are again dying back. However, at this time, there is no sign of a third new crop of young Fucus.