Mearns Rock in 1994

Mearns Rock 1994   1994 Enlarged Quadrat

What You See

Fucus has completely left the boulder, leaving it dominated by approximately 2-year-old mussels (black areas on the boulder) and scattered barnacles. Very little seaweed is growing on the beach face. Where did the plants go? Why aren't they growing here anymore?
1994 Quadrat

The quadrat is dominated by mature mussels. A few barnacles are visible, but no Fucus!

What's Happening

In 1993 and 1994, something happened that caused a great reduction in the abundant marine
life on this shoreline. NOAA biologists believe that the loss of seaweed, mussels, and barnacles is part of the growth cycle of the marine life, rather than due to oiling per se.