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Prince William's Oily Mess: A Tale of Recovery

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Most of us use oil, or products made from oil, every day. We use it to fuel our cars, trucks, and buses, and to heat our houses; to lubricate all types of machinery; to make the asphalt we use to pave roads; to make plastics; and to make medicines, ink, fertilizers, pesticides, paints, varnishes, and electricity. It's important to understand that because when we rely on oil, we run the risk of oil spills. All of us share responsibility both for creating the problem of oil spills and for finding ways to solve the problem.

Take this interactive quiz to test your knowledge of oil spills, as well as what you have learned about the recovery of Prince William Sound since the Exxon Valdez spill in 1989. Good luck!

Download the quiz! - Microsoft Word text version (doc, 48Kb)


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