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Conserving & Restoring Natural Resources

Maquoit Bay

Saving Our Treasured Spaces

Many of us continue to watch the natural landscapes and green spaces in our communities disappear. Perhaps it’s an office complex built where a forest once grew or a strip mall constructed in a former wetlands area. More...

A star coral releases its gametes into the water.

Restoring Coral Reefs, One Gamete at a Time

Every year, the August full moon triggers corals off the coast of Florida to begin their annual spawning period, releasing sperm and eggs, also known as gametes, into the water column. More...

MPA network logo

Connecting the Dots: The National System of Marine Protected Areas

Most of us are familiar with the U.S. National Parks System. The Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, and Yosemite are just a few well-known places in this network of protected natural, recreational, and cultural sites. But did you know there also are protected places in our nation’s oceans? These places are called marine protected areas (MPAs), and, like national parks, they provide lasting protection to important ecosystems as well as natural and cultural resources.  More...

Volunteers participate by planting

Restoring a Critical Urban Watershed

Each year, oil and toxic chemicals from ships, pipelines, and hazardous waste sites contaminate our nation’s coastal waters. These pollutants harm marine resources and degrade the quality of life for coastal communities. Industries, which are one source of these pollutants, are typically located along waterfronts to ease the transport of goods. More...

Whale tail

Marine Protected Areas: Conserving Our Oceans and Coasts

Oceans affect our lives every day. They drive our climate, supply food, provide leisure opportunities, and generate billions of dollars for our economy. In turn, we influence the ocean. Overfishing, damaging marine habitats, and pollution are just some of the ways people affect the health and vitality of our oceans. More...

Elkhorn coral and a white-spotted filefish

Expedition to Evaluate Dry Tortugas Ecological Reserve

This summer, NOAA scientists continued a long-running study of Florida’s remote Dry Tortugas Ecological Reserve, widely recognized as home to some of the most productive and unique marine resources in the entire Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary.  More...

GPS observations are collected at Elkhorn Slough National Estuarine Research Reserve

Planning Before Planting: Sustainable Habitat Restoration

Wetlands and marshes provide many social, economic, and environmental benefits, including natural beauty, flood protection for coastal towns and cities from waves and storms, as well as living, breeding, and feeding areas for many birds, fish, and other animals. More...