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Did you ever hear about a Fish Finder?

NOAA safety seagull

Fishermen can find fish from their boats by using a sonar called a Fish Finder.
You will learn more about sonar later...



Cobalt's Boat is crashing into a rock pile!

Mystery 1 - What Happened to Cobalt?

Cobalt ran out of wind
Oops! No, silly!

Nothing went wrong
Oops! No, silly!

Cobalt crashed into a rock
Yes, Cobalt hit a rock.

Did you know?

Rocks can be covered with water at high tide or uncovered at low tide

NOAA has been helping boaters for 200 years.

Tides are important to boaters. At low tide, boaters can see rocks like these. But at high tide, water can cover rocks. Boaters don't know they are there.

Boaters call shallow sandbars “shoals.”



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