Monitoring Estuaries: Links for Teachers

Estuaries 101: Chemistry in an Estuary

In this activity students investigate key water quality factors in different estuaries over varying time scales i.e. real-time, daily, and yearly. Students also take water quality measurements at a site near them and compare it to the water at different estuaries around the United States.

Features: Hands-on Investigation, Lesson Ideas, Assessment, Data Sources, Inquiry Materials

Monitoring Estuarine Water Quality

This online interactive Web site and curriculum guide defines estuaries, describes where they are located, and presents how real-time water quality measurements are collected. Students will learn to read time series graphs of water quality data, and look at two of the National Estuarine Research Reserve System (NERRS) sites, the Waquoit Bay NERR in Massachusetts and the Wells NERR in Maine.

Features: Hands-on Investigation, Lesson Ideas, Assessment, Data Sources, Inquiry Materials, Online Interactivity

Estuaries: Finding the Balance

This lesson plan examines the conflict between development and the environment and attempts for a sound compromise. Students are encouraged to suggest compromises that might be made after considering the interaction between environmental and economic demands and to seek a balance.

Features: Hands-on Investigation, Lesson Ideas, Assessment 

An Internet WebQuest on Chesapeake Bay Water Quality

Teams of students are assigned to investigate the problems resulting from and causes of nutrient pollution in the Chesapeake Bay. They must produce a comprehensive folio of information on the water quality of the Bay.

Features: Hands-on Investigation, Lesson Ideas, Assessment, Data Sources

Biofilms and Biodiversity

The health of the Chesapeake Bay is important in maintaining a high level of biodiversity. This is directly linked to water quality. Learn how to determine biodiversity by reading biofilms. Strong math skills needed.

Features: Hands-on Investigation, Graphics/Multimedia, Data Sources

Kachemak Bay Reserve, Alaska

This site explores Kachemak Bay, one of the most productive, diverse, and intensively used estuaries in Alaska.

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