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The next NOS All Hands meeting will be Thursday, March 6, 1:00 p.m. - 2:00 p.m. Eastern. Add this meeting to your Google calendar by clicking on this link. Your calendar will pop up after the NOS website 'exit notice.' Once you see the calendar entry, select "Save."

What would you like to hear about at the meeting? Please email with your suggestions.

And here's a message for those in the DC area. Celebrate NOAA Heritage Week by attending Saturday's NOAA Open House!  This free event includes a variety of activities, including interactive exhibits, special tours, and hands-on activities for ages 5 and up. The event is Saturday, February 15, 2014, 9 a.m. - 4 p.m. at 1315 East-West Highway, Silver Spring, Maryland. Adults are asked to bring a photo ID. More information, including a description of activities, may be found here.

Thank you,

Holly A. Bamford, Ph.D.
Assistant Administrator for Ocean Services and Coastal
Zone Management, National Ocean Service

Around NOS

Resilience Funding Opportunity Partners Scientists with Research Reserves

NOAA is seeking proposals on a $20 million, five-year funding opportunity that will foster resilient coastal communities and strengthen informed decision-making through the use of the nation's 28 national estuarine research reserves. University, state, and nonprofit researchers are eligible to apply, and proposals are due March 31, 2014. Successful applicants will partner with the reserves to support collaborative research, training, communications, and data sharing. The opportunity is offered through NOAA's Office of Ocean and Coastal Resource Management.

Contact: Dwight Trueblood

National Aquarium Lecture Series Highlights National Marine Sanctuaries

ONMS and the National Marine Sanctuary Foundation are partnering with the National Aquarium in Baltimore, Md., to bring visitors a glimpse of the wonders beneath the waves and a view of contemporary ocean issues in the 2014 Marjorie Lynn Bank Lecture Series. Through this series of lectures, titled "National Marine Sanctuaries: Special ocean places and their champions," the aquarium offers the chance to meet ocean experts who work on the front line of ocean conservation and exploration. Starting Feb. 27, speakers will include oceanographer and explorer Dr. Sylvia Earle, photographer Brian Skerry, filmmaker Bob Talbot, and whale disentanglement expert Ed Lyman.

Contact: Matthew Stout

Federal Trustees Correct General Electric's Misinformation in Latest Hudson River PCB Report

The Hudson River remedy requires the dredging of approximately 2.65 million cubic yards of PCB contaminated sediment in the Upper Hudson. To date, over 1.9 million cubic yards have been dredged from the river. In response to a shareholders proposal, the New York Office of the State Comptroller's negotiated with General Electric (GE) in March of 2013 for a study to examine potential to expand the cleanup of PCB contaminated sediments in the Upper Hudson River beyond that required by the 2002 Record of Decision to reduce GE's remedial and natural resource damages liability. GE issued its Hudson River Project Report to the Comptroller in December 2013, concluding that expanded dredging is not necessary. The Federal Hudson River Natural Resource Trustees sent a letter to GE on February 3, 2013, correcting the public record and addressing misinformation presented in GE's recent report to the New York Office of the State Comptroller.

Contact: Tom Brosnan

More Reliable Operational Forecast Systems in St. Johns River and New York/New Jersey Harbor

The existing operational forecast systems for the New York/New Jersey Harbor (NYOFS) and the St. Johns River in Florida (SJROFS) were recently updated. The major updates include extending the forecast horizon to 48 hours from 24 hours to provide longer forecast guidance based on users' request and implementing a backup plan for water level open boundary conditions in the case of missing real-time observations. Both NYOFS and SJROFS were developed about 10 years ago using different ocean models and run on a CO-OPS Linux server.  After these updates, NYOFS and SJROFS are now more reliable and robust, providing our customers with better services.

Contact:  Aijun Zhang

NOAA Expertise Featured in North Carolina Water Quality Education Video

A new educational video features NCCOS scientists describing the importance of water quality in North Carolina estuaries for coastal ecology, human health, food supply, and the state's economy. Bordered by the Outer Banks, North Carolina's estuaries are home to biologically rich and diverse coastal habitats and productive fisheries. NCCOS scientists have conducted decades of research in the estuaries of North Carolina and are applying this knowledge to understand changes resulting from land and agricultural development, climate change, sea level rise, marine debris, and use by industries such as shellfish aquaculture. The video was produced through a partnership with the Core Sound Waterfowl and Heritage Museum and the North Carolina Division of Marine Fisheries.

Contact: James Morris

Assisting U.S. Naval Southern Command with Hydrographic Surveying Capacity Building in Guatemala

The week of February 3, an NGS expert in vertical datums joined professionals representing nautical charting (National Geospatial Intelligence Agency) and hydrography (Naval Oceanographic Office) to participate in a U.S. Navy Southern Command "Partnership Station" in Guatemala. Southern Command is strengthening its relationship with the Guatemalan Navy by providing hydrographic support and in-country capacity building. NGS provided presentations in Spanish on geodetic/tidal concepts and applications to an audience of Guatemalan naval cadets, port authority representatives, Guatemalan ministry officials, and university students.  

Contact: Philippe Hensel

U.S. and Japanese Charting Experts Share Updates

Coast Survey hosted the 41st Joint Meeting of the U.S. and Japan Cooperative Program in Natural Resources (UJNR) Sea Bottom Surveys Panel this week, bringing together the respective countries' lead hydrographers, hydrographic researchers, modelers, and other charting experts. Two full days of activity updates and technical reports were completed on Wednesday with a discussion on possibilities for sharing data.

Contact: Jonathan Justi

State and Federal Trustees Release Second Restoration Plan for Bouchard Barge 120 Oil Spill

On April 27, 2003, the Bouchard Barge 120 hit an obstacle in Buzzards Bay, creating a 12-foot rupture in its hull and spilling an estimated 98,000 gallons of oil. NOAA, along with other state and federal Trustees, assessed the injuries caused by this spill and have released a Draft Restoration Plan and Environmental Assessment proposing projects to restore shoreline and aquatic resource injuries and lost coastal access, recreational boating, and recreational shell fishing. NOAA and the other Trustees are currently seeking public comments on a plan to restore natural resource and resource use injuries caused by the 2003 Buzzards Bay oil spill in Massachusetts.

Contact: Joe Inslee

NOS Assistant Administrator
NOS Assistant Administrator Holly Bamford

NOS Assistant Administrator
Dr. Holly Bamford

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